The Innovation Lab Fribourg was founded, in 2016, on the belief that startups, major groups, institutions, SMEs and communities, far from opposing each other, can grow and evolve together. Our work is community-centric and focuses on openness and performance. We strive to promote collaborations and connect people, companies and services through our wide range of activities, events, and infrastructure. We also serve as a gateway to many accelerator and innovation programs.
About Us
Xavier Bertschy
Host & Innovation Facilitator
Ana Armendariz
Innovation Lab Officer
Luc Francey
Innovation Lab Officer
Luca Ferrari
Innovation Lab Officer
Board of directors
Rico Baldegger
Jean-Marie Ayer
Managing Director
Carlos DaSilva
Advisory Board Member
Mike Baur
Advisory Board Member
Jean-Nicolas Aebischer
Advisory Board Member
Inge Hochreutener
Advisory Board Member
The Innovation Lab offers all the necessary infrastructure to work efficiently alone or in a team. We support you in the creation of your business by helping you obtain the necessary tools and knowledge.
About the Space
  • Coworking hub
    One hour? One day? Make
    yourself comfortable to work and
    be efficient !
  • Conference
    Conferences, workshops... the
    conference room is perfect for
    your event!
  • Meeting room
    Up to 12 places and flipcharts
    available in this closed room.
  • Events &
    Take advantage of networking
    opportunities to expand your
  • IRL or Virtual
    You can meet us physically or
    virtually on a dedicated MS Teams
  • Library & Shop
    Large library of books dealing with
    management, business,
    marketing, etc...
  • Photo/Recording studio
    Professional infrastructure for
    making photos or videos.
  • Lounge Area
    Lounge area with sofas and hot
    drinks (coffee and tea) available.
The Innovation Lab has a large network of partners that ensures synergies and various collaborations that generally lead to innovative projects.
Our Partners


Chemin du Musée 4
1700 Fribourg, Switzerland


LU-VE: 09h00 – 17h00
Resident members can have 24/7 access.